Our Philosophy

Orcatec’s philosophy is to learn by observing the natural environment. Our work is inspired by understanding and the application of natural processes to improve our quality of life, connect with nature, and reduce pollution.

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Lines of Work


Our ecological environment has reused the same water for millions of years. There are many natural processes that purify water. It is like a chain in which there are several ponds, each of them receives nutrients from the previous one and passes them to the next one; there is no waste or pollution.

We humans waste water and then deliver it dirty to the environment. At the same time, one can apply natural processes such as Aeration, which happens in rivers to purify water. Orcatec applies this technique within its wastewater projects in Galapagos.


The sun has been responsible for life on earth for millions of years. However, today we are disconnected with the sun as the main source of energy generation.

The marine iguanas from Galapagos use their black skin to absorb solar radiation and warm up before looking for food in the cold water of the ocean. Orcatec uses the same system to heat water with solar heaters.


The Pink Iguana, Conolophus Martae, lives on the active Wolf Volcano of Isabela Island. Conolophus Martae. It is one of the last species in the world that still has no contact with disposable plastics.

De tal forma nos enseña como una vida sin productos desechables pueda funcionar reutilizando productos resistentes y rechazando desechables. La iguana rosada nos inspira a cambiar nuestras actitudes para reducir la generacion de residuos.


Every piece of land contains within it millions of secrets that can be utilized for multiple purposes. In them, we find medicine and intelligent solutions.

We learn from nature



We are designing and installing mechanical and natural systems for the purification of wastewater. Our focus is on the reuse of water for gardens, orchards, and ornamentals reducing water consumption. You can take advantage of existing facilities such as septic tanks thanks to our systems.


Orcatec installs solar heaters in hotels, homes and restaurants of the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador mainland since 2012 We have photovoltaic systems with grid connection and self-sustaining systems, which are used for remote areas such as farms.


In this project, we want to motivate ourselves to connect with nature. Iguana Cup was created to show that there are still a few species in the world that have not yet come into contact with disposable plastics, one of them being the pink iguana from Isabela Island. What can we learn from this species? To reuse and reject disposables. In this way, we promote the use of returnable cups to avoid disposable cups in the Galapagos and mainland Ecuador.


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Water purification projects and


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Iguana Cups in use avoiding more than


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