Tour on the use of natural resources (sun and water)

Visit us and learn from our founder about environmentally friendly solutions that can be incorporated into personal life. Learn more about the sun which provides us with so much energy every day to heat water, dry and produce electricity. We purify wastewater in various different processes even to recycle water in the house. For the purification we use different natural processes (roof green water, living fence, edible or ornamental garden, and hydroponics) that will be explained during the tour.

Required time: it depends on the visitors. Since they are on vacation there is no rush, yet it is recommended to consider at least half an hour from arrival at our house.

Location: We are located on the way to Tortuga Bay next to the Santa Fe Hotel. There is a sign of an Orca that can be seen from Charles Binford Street.

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+593 98 98 94 526

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$10 per person
Groups of 4 or more: $8 per person
We are grateful for any additional donation.