Help us promote sustainable development in the Galapagos and get to know the enchanted islands at the same time. Collaborate in our projects and learn about practical solutions that use responsibly the natural resources.

Why Orcatec

We offer practical knowledge that serves for personal development and as a new perspective to reflect the current problems in the world.

  • Experience: We have been working in the Galapagos since 2011 and have had various volunteers and students.
  • Responsibility: Volunteers are included in projects in hotels, restaurants, homes or farms.
  • Practice: We have several existing projects that serve to research, learn and practice.

What will you receive?

A valuable experience in a unique place in the world.

  • Practical experience: Applying good environmental practices
  • Free accommodation (depending on the length of stay)
  • Field trips to get to know the island (farm with giant turtles, Tortuga Bay beach for surfing, etc.)


I really liked learning about the purification and reuse of water for gardens because I didn’t used to worry much about wastewater.

I really enjoyed learning about the purification and reuse of wastewater for gardens because before I didn’t know much about this topic.

Ana Simina Stoian / Freelancer

Being a volunteer at Orcatec is a wonderful experience, full of adventure, nature and friendship. Everything I learned about the islands and the planet is invaluable.

Luna Barragán / Biologa

Education and research is important for all biodiversity conservation processes, Orcatec makes these actions visible and therefore becomes essential among the activities of the Galapagos community.

Hernán Orellana

I work in gardening since many years and I liked to learn about the different plant species of the Galapagos and how water recycling can be implemented in a cheap and useful way.

Florian Bonjour / Garden Designer


The minimum is two weeks, a three-month stay is recommended to deeply know the wildlife.

Great will and motivation to learn is necessary to come. We can include existing technical or social knowledge.

You should be 18 years old.

During the volunteering, accommodation is covered.

Transportation to the Galapagos is not included. You should bring rain gear and work clothes for the field, snorkeling equipment, fins. Any doubt we can also solve personally.

Of course yes. Volunteering includes 4 hours of daily work. So there is half a day to meet giant turtles and swim with sharks or sea lions.

How to apply?

If you are interested in volunteering with Orcatec, send us your CV and a short letter of motivation to max@orcatec.ec.