Who are we?

We are a group of motivated professionals from different areas such as renewable energy, water management, natural pools, sustainable construction, and solid waste management.

We are fascinated by Killer Whales and their way of moving in the sea in perfect synchronization with their surroundings. In Galapagos we have a resident population of Killer Whales.

Our Mission

We feel privileged to live on this planet. For this reason, we have the obligation to improve the “human management.” Our mission is to multiply our projects and disseminate the experiences we have obtained by collaborating with other enterprises and stakeholders.

We want to publish the solutions and motivate people to spend time in nature. So that each one begins to move his grain of sand.

What do we do?

We learn from our natural environment in the Galapagos by observing nature, imitating natural processes, avoiding waste and carrying out projects to learn and reduce the human’s environmental footprint.

Our Story

Orcatec started in 2013 by installing the first solar heaters in Galapagos. From there we have installed more than 100 solar heaters. In 2018, we installed the first photovoltaic system in Puerto Ayora.
In 2015, the first natural wastewater purification plant was installed in the municipality of Isabela. Based on this project, a public-private project (PPP) was carried out with the German Development Bank (SDR) in 2016 that included the construction of a compact plant for a hotel and an artificial swamp for the Santa Cruz Fishing Cooperative. In the next VIDEO you can get more information about this project.

Since 2017, we started with the Iguana Cup initiative that is linked to the history of the endemic pink iguana of the Isabela Island. The objective is to have a product that is accessible to young people and tourists. Iguana Cup can be a memory of Galapagos or the beginning of change to certain user habits. Until January 2020, we had more than 2000 glasses in use. We want to continue to find other daily use products that belong to the circular economy.

We are convinced that we need urgent actions to mitigate climate change. Everyone has their responsibility to do his part and to be an example to follow. We want to be examples by acting and trying new ways of living in harmony with the nature. Along the way there will be falls, but we always learn something and move forward in our projects.

Meet our Team

A group of technicians with a common ideology, providing environmental solutions and learning from the nature



Francisco has been a solar energy specialist for 30 years. Made pioneering studies of Solar Energy in Freiburg, Germany. He installed 2800 solar heaters in low-income housing in 5 provinces of Ecuador. He is fascinated by the culture of the Incas.


Expert in Life Cycle Assessment, sustainable mobility solutions and photovoltaic integration. His latest field of research is on how the Blockchain technology can contribute to a more competitive implementation of electricity from solar energy and electric mobility.


Industrial Engineer, specialized in renewable energies, with a focus on solar energy applications and international energy integration. He has experience in techno-economic studies, as well as in the installation of solar systems.



Specialist in conservation and sustainability for over 15 years in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. She holds a Masters in Environmental Management at the ‘Université Libre de Bruxelles’ in Belgium and recently graduated in the Certificate Program at UCLA, specializing in Renewable Energies. She is a LEED Accredited Professional (USGBC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).


Andrea Garzón has studies and extensive experience in sustainable development, climate change, forests and waste. In 2017 she founded Huella Verde, a company that develops solutions to the problem of garbage, especially to replace disposable containers with reusable ones. Currently, Huella Verde operates in three food courts in Quito and Ambato where it avoids 250,000 plastic disposables per month and recovers 5 tons of organic waste.


Environmental communicator, documentary filmmaker, photographer and activist. She is passionate about being in contact with nature and strives to work for the conservation and protection of animals, communities and the environment. Experience in communication and design with environmental and social organizations.


Coordinator of the Library for Galapagos and the world, where she raises awareness about responsible consumption by avoiding single-use plastics and developing environmental education activities. She is convinced that culture, education and women’s empowerment are indispensable to create social and sustainable change that transforms communities.



Supply Chain Manager focused on sustainable production/procurement. Also Experienced Academic Assistant with focus on Sustainability, Supply Chain and Cold Chain Management research. Graduated as Master of Science in Food and Resource Economics and Management from the University of Bonn, focus on Supply Chain Management. Additionally, have work experience in Finance.


Expert in Product Lifecycle Management with a PhD from RWTH Aachen. Oliver has a deep understanding on designing, implementing and maintaining ICT solutions. He combines practical knowledge from major european telcos and utilities companies with strategic thinking from many years working for an american top consultancy.


Building Physicist with broad experience in the integrated energy projects and sustainable buildings. He has a special interest in wood constructions and sewage water treatment. Ruben loves to snorkel and to work with wood.


Environmental educator with a lot of experience in managing projects focused on children, youth and adults. She is very dedicated in creating local and sustainable projects reducing the human footprint. Member of the scouts movement.



Founder of Orcatec with more than 20 years of experience in solutions environmental issues in Europe and Latin America. Since 2011 working in Galapagos undertaking different solutions to reduce the pollution and increase environmental awareness of residents and visitors.


Environmental engineer specialized in the construction and the improvement of sewage water and recycling plants. She did her Master of Science in the university of Stuttgart and has a lot of experience in the prevention of environmental contamination.


Specialist in integral solutions such as wastewater treatment with biological and technical methods. He has more than 30 years of experience in Ecuador with contaminated water, plant purification and recycling.


Local technician who was born on the Galapagos Islands. He is trained in the installation and maintenance of photovoltaic projects, solar thermal and water purification systems. He is always interested in learning something new around sustainable livelihood.